Paula Gago @ 09:02

Qui, 23/02/12

We enter their lives, their homes

At a time of such turmoil and sadness

And are witnss to the most remarkable people that ever were.


We enter their homes, their lives

And wonder what we see

And are touched by their courage and willingness to share.


We enter their lives, their homes

Hoping to make a difference in the time that is left

Yet knowing all the time that in reality, they will make such a 

difference in our lives, that we will never be the same.


We enter their homs, their lives

And try to imagine how it would be if things were reversed

And we would be opening our lives to complete strangers on a 

journey we did not choose to take.


The entrering - a reverent time

When we offer ourselves and we connect

When we are saddened but also privileged and somewhat in awe

That we are permitted to witness the human spirit at its finest.


Author Unknown

sinto-me: happy and sad at the same time