Paula Gago @ 21:50

Sab, 10/09/11

Last Thursday

Coming from a workshop

traveling by street car

I was taken out from my thoughts from an old man

very drunk:

Old man: hello how are you

Me: well thank you

Old man: I have a headaches

yesterday got very drunk.

Me: smiling, and I thought to myself, just yesterday, you drunk! lol

smells like wine, a lot.

Old man: I love you

Me: not even look, and I began to feel disturbed.

Old man: i love you yesterday, today, tomorrow and always.

(laying his head on my shoulder)

I was, alarmed, shouted at him asking him to stop.

Old man: smiling, i love you

Me: thinking to myself (unless he stops I have to

warn the driver).

Me: unable to change seats, afraid that he would touch me.

Old man: I will leave, but I love you.

Me: I was relieved, I had never experienced anything like that.

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What would you do in my place?

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